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New English Adventure Assessment Booklets.

Click here to download extra photocopiable testing material to use with English Adventure A and B.

Guide to Disney films used in English Adventure

Do you know the difference between Mickey and Minnie? Do you know who Winnie the Pooh's best friend is?

Click Here for a quick guide to the Disney films used in My First English Adventure

Video Scripts from English Adventure

Download the complete video scripts from levels Starter A and Starter B of English Adventure


Reward your pupils, download certificates to print off and give to your class. Choose from 'Well Done', 'Good Work' or 'Cool'.

Worksheets/Class Activities

Download a matching and writing worksheet.

Download the listen, colour and count worksheet and Teachers' notes..

Download the find, point and say. Then draw. ... worksheet and Teachers' notes..

Online Activities for Pupils

Go to the Funzone!


Monthly Focus

Focus on...Working with Values.

Find out how to broaden your teaching to include work on values and developing the whole person. Topics such as jealousy, diversity and teamwork are covered in this booklet of fun photocopiable exercises that you can use with English Adventure.

Click here to download.

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